Monday, June 14, 2010

Meals with Micah: Chicken Quesadillas

Micah has been very much into cooking for quite some time and I've been horribly guilty of putting off spending some time with him in the kitchen. However, it's one of my goals to help him see his dream come true to cook with me more often. Therefore, you will occasionally see pictures and possibly recipes of meals I have made with him.

I'm starting off with Chicken Quesadillas. We made these last week and they were a HUGE hit. No lie, they were absolutely delicious. Micah helped to chop up the chicken, he spread them on the tortillas and put the cheese and seasoning in. I fried them in the oil and he cut and served them. He was SO proud of his first real dinner and everyone kept saying how great they tasted.

We're on a mission to make more home-made meals and get more away from the processed junk I've tended to lean towards with having picky eaters. I'm discovering that as I place healthier foods in front of my children, they aren't turning EVERYTHING away and it's so encouraging! A few of the things we are working on now is getting a small garden growing in our backyard, a small herb garden (already going and very much used so far), and buying more of our produce from local farmer's markets as well as working towards purchasing our meat and dairy from local farmers. Changing our habits isn't going to all happen overnight, but making small changes will eventually see us healthier and happier. :)

Stay tuned for more to come....

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